Fitnesshub Brighton & Fitnesshub Plus offers you classes that are not only fun and exciting but delivered by our Personal Trainers in the heart of Preston Park and right by Brighton station in Preston Circus. The classes are designed to give all fitness levels a full body workout with each trainer using their knowledge to make sure everyone is pushed to their individual limits properly,

Unlimited classes £60 per month

Drop in £10 - must book by email



Mon 6.30am, Wed 6.30pm, Thurs  9.15am - 45mins

Burn hard and burn fast, put the fun back into those tough cardio sessions. With our space filled full of all the toughies of the cardio world blended into 45minutes of energy and funky soundtracks! Incorporating explosive cardio intervals, sprints, endurance and a real look at your cardiovascular fitness. You will feel awesome after this 45-minute sweat sesh!



Tues 9.15am, Fri 6.30am - 45mins

Lift 360 is your workout for lean muscle mass and is designed to condition and sculpt selected muscle groups. Battle your way through resistance and weight training exercises to work all 360degrees of your body. Rotating exercise to exercise with little breaks to allow one muscle group to rest while the other gets worked over in muscle burning tension and a total body blast!



Mon 11.30am, Sat 10am - 45mins

Back to the base of everything the perfect balance of any training goal. This 45minutes provides a look at the core of the body working on balance & strength through flexibility and control over your joints & muscles. Expect to still sweat learning how to stretch and engage your core whilst unravelling from the stresses and hard workouts of the week!



Wed 6.30am 45mins, 12pm 30mins

Resilience; the ability to overcome and recover from difficulties and toughness, or in our case a 45 minute maxed-out workout from head to toe. This full body workout efficiently and effectively helps to build lean muscle and strip body fat using weights, cardio and body weight exercises mixed up in high intensity intervals leaving you loving to hate this awesome workout!

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Spartan Girls

Mon 6.30pm - 45mins

This 45 minute all girl training group is designed to condition and train your full body, focusing on those key areas combining traditional weight training with unique Spartan training including kettlebells, tyres and sleds!

Spartan Hybrid

Tues 7pm, Sat 9am - 45mins

Spartan hybrid Combines the best of both our Spartan classes Into this high intensity total body blitz is designed to smash your way through the week over hump day and through Saturday morning. Hard hitting, no nonsense workout using all the Spartan training methods and equipment leaving you loving  your Spartan trainer..kinda!

Spartan Men

Thurs 7pm -45mins

Try this if you dare to see how much you can sweat, scream and mentally challenge yourself!. Resistance training meets HIIT conditioning to equal survival of the fittest! Weights, plyometrics, tyres, ropes, sleds, team work and individual grit. We push the boundaries of our gym space and kit to give you a back to basics look at training the Spartan way!